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Bergen County, New Jersey

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McFarlane Paving


Stanner Pave & Plow
Chicago, IL

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Stanner Pave & Plow


Jones Brothers Paving
Birmingham, Alabama

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Jones Brothers Paving


Popeyes Services
Anchorage, Alaska

Kenny & Michelle Withrow
Popeyes Services


AKR Paving Consultants, LLC
Arvada, Colorado

Hi! I’m Ron Clubine. I’ve been in the asphalt paving business since 1970.
Pat asked me to write a short testimonial about my experience as a member of his referral list. If you’re considering becoming a member, I’m positive… you won’t be disappointed! When Pat started AllAboutDriveways.com, I knew immediately… this is EXACTLY what the industry needs. Homeowners need a place to go to find good companies and good companies need a place to differentiate themselves from the bad ones. This is what being a member has done for me. When I’m bidding jobs, I always tell customers that I’m a member of AllAboutDriveways and AllAboutParkingLots because I know that if there’s any doubt about my experience or integrity, this washes every bit of it away!
To top it off, I watched Pat build his own successful paving company and I couldn’t believe what he accomplished in so little time. What took me 10 years, Pat did his first year in business, so I figured he must know about something that I don’t! I have a tremendous amount of respect for Pat. He is by far the best sales and marketing guy in this business! He really knows his stuff!

AKR Paving Consultants, LLC

Table Mountain Creative Concrete
Denver, Colorado
We have been members since day one! Patrick always does exactly what he says he’s going to do! We have never been disappointed… membership is well worth the benefits.

Stan & Sheila Squires


Bradley Asphalt Services, Inc.
Denver, Colorado

Hi Im Duane Bradley, owner of Bradley Asphalt Services here in Denver Colorado. We’ve been members since March 2010.I like the concept of helping people avoid the gypsies and the travelers and exposing some of the things they do to rip people off. People need that… people need to know that there are guys out there that will rip them off of every dime if they can get away with it!
After meeting with Patrick a few times, we decided to hire him to help us with our sales and marketing. All I can say is we had our best year ever while Patrick was at the helm of the sales estimating and marketing. We’re busier than we have ever been in the past.
Being a member has easily paid for itself many times over.. I’m glad we did it!

Duane Bradley