Screening Process

In every video, in every email, in every phone conversation we have with one of our visitors… we promise I’ll recommend ONLY companies that I know they can trust.

In order to fulfill that promise, and because I’m putting my name on the line… I don’t let just anyone on my referral list. Each and every company must endure a pre-screening process before being listed as one of our official members. There are no sacred cows here. No one can bypass the pre-screening process. We DO NOT check credit, but this process may include but may not be limited to:

Consumer Advocate Patrick Mattingley
Background Check: Owner must pass a “soft” background check in order to be listed as one of our official members.
Patrick Mattingley - All About Driveways
BBB Review: Membership with the BBB is not required, but a poor score with a history of multiple complaints may be denied membership. Multiple unanswered complaints will be denied membership. A detailed review of past complaints with written responses may be requested.
Patrick Mattingley - All About Parking Lots
Insurance: We verify current and ongoing proof of General Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance. We also require that we be listed as a certificate holder at no cost to you.
Patrick Mattingley of Denver
Licensing: We verify licenses where licensing is required.
Patrick Mattingley of Denver
Experience: Companies must be in business a minimum of 1 year and provide 1-5 years of past references.
Patrick Mattingley of Denver
Commitment: You agree to perform installation and maintenance services at or above manufacturer’s specifications and deliver an exceptional customer experience!