How It Works




Listings are limited to just 3 companies per category, per region.

(A region is defined by a 50 mile radius around the zip code of your choosing)

Unlimited Leads

As an approved company, we’ll add you to the referral list as one of my highly recommended companies and you’ll receive unlimited leads as part of your listing. There are no pay per lead fees, no fighting to get your money back on bogus leads! Once you’ve been set up on the referral list, you’ll receive an email notification of all estimate requests in your designated territory for the services you provide submitted by our users through our websites or phoned into our office. You’ll receive each request at the exact moment they’re entered into the system so the requests are the immediate and fresh.

You simply call them, let them know that you are an official member and bid the job just like you do now. You bid the job in your name and you collect the money in your name. All we ask is you provide exceptional service!

Official Member Pages

“Official Registered Company” webpages.

Click On The Banners Below To See Examples Of Official Member Pages


Member Banners

“Official Registered Company” banners* to install onto your web site and linked to your “Official Registered Company” pages.* Choose from multiple different banners that will stand out on your website, linking to your official member page!


Video Licensing

Full use of all public marketing videos (Hosted on You Tube) to embed onto your website*

Logo Use

Full use of the “Membership Logo(s)” for your website and estimates so everyone can easily see your affiliation as one of Patrick’s trusted experts. You can also add banners to your company vehicles, equipment, advertising materials, etc. so everyone can easily see your affiliation as one of our trusted experts.